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    ASM TX2

    • Subcategory:SMT mount equipment
    • Release Date:2023-07-19
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    Product Category: ASM SIPLACE X4/X3 Mounter

    Brand: ASM

    Series: SIPLACE X Series (including X4 and X3)

    With its four CP20A series mounting heads/four CPP mounting heads or two 12-nozzle collection mounting heads and two TWINHEAD opposite-component mounting heads, digital imaging system and flexible dual-track transmission system, the SIPLACE X series mounters deliver fast mounting speed and excellent accuracy.

    SIPLACE X series mounting equipment

    With its four CP20A/four CPP mounting heads or two 12-nozzle collection mounting heads and two TWIN Heads of opposite component mounting heads, digital imaging system and flexible dual-track transmission system, the SIPLACE X series delivers fast mounting speed and excellent accuracy.

    SIPLACE X Series: Price performance leader

    Excellent cost performance

    The Digital SIPLACE X series is the perfect combination of high-tech innovation and proven technology, giving the industry a unique and outstanding price/performance advantage.

    Highest production quality

    The SIPLACE X series offers the highest production quality in its class, while reducing your quality costs with excellent dpm. And most importantly, all of these qualities endure. Even after years of use, SIPLACE machines still have a high resale value.

    Excellent flexibility

    With the SIPLACE X series, you can prepare for the future. Thanks to its modular construction, the SIPLACE X Series can be reconfigured flexibly. Whether it's changing the mount head or switching from monorail mode to synchronous or asynchronous dual-track mode, all changes can be made quickly and easily.

    Maximum production run time

    With the Virtual Product Build and offline Imaging teaching station in SIPLACE Pro, you can now get everything ready offline without interrupting normal production.

    The perfect mix of new and proven technology

    The SIPLACE X series is equipped with the latest innovations such as high-precision pick-mount and special-shaped component high-precision mount and digital SIPLACE imaging systems. It also takes full advantage of proven SIPLACE technology and uses the prestigious collection mount head, reliable SIPLACE X feeder and reliable linear drive.

    The new SIPLACE X series is the ideal solution from the SIPLACE team for electronics manufacturers looking for the best value for money. Its combination of high performance and standard applications provides optimal features that deliver outstanding value to any production environment.

    Cost performance

    With its enhanced reliability, higher mount speed and improved mount accuracy, the new SIPLACE X delivers higher performance for the same cost. It can solve all the mounting of 01005 components and large special-shaped components through single machine, which is suitable for the production and mounting process of various electronic products.


    The SIPLACE X series can be seamlessly combined with SIPLACE SiCluster Professional to help significantly reduce material setup preparation and change times. Specially modified software solutions allow you to test optimized material setup configurations before running the actual mount process.

    Mount 01005 components and various types of special-shaped components

    You can combine and configure the SIPLACE X series according to your unique production requirements.

    The machine supports four different mounting head types:

    12 suction nozzle to collect mounting head

    CP20A mounting head

    CPP mounting head

    TWIN HEAD shaped component mounting head

    Flexible collection of mounting heads

    These machines are also equipped with the SIPLACE digital imaging system, which ensures the highest mount performance and quality even when dealing with ultra-small 01005 components.

    Feeder module

    Thanks to the second paper tape reel, the improved change table can not only be set offline, but also provides optimal working height.


    With enhanced competency teaching services, the SIPLACE team can support you to significantly reduce your cost of ownership while increasing the utilization of your SIPLACE mounted equipment.

    Applicable to:

    1, home appliance industry: air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, induction cooker, etc.

    2, automobile industry: automobile instrument, automobile power supply, automobile audio, automobile light source, etc.;

    3,LED industry :LED lamps, indoor lighting appliances, outdoor lighting appliances, industrial lighting, etc.

    4, consumer electronics: mobile phone, notebook,PC, mobile power, battery protection board, smart wearable devices, smart home, etc.

    5. All other electronic categories

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