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    SMT machine maintenance knowledge


    1, clean and disassemble the surface of the circuit board and SMT chip equipment, so as not to cause the internal heat dissipation of the machine due to dust and scale, resulting in partial overheating of the electrical appliances and burn out;

    2. Disassemble, clean and lubricated the SMT equipment air path, solenoid valve, vacuum generator, cylinder, etc. If the oil dirt in the gas path can not be cleaned in time, it will block the gas path, resulting in the gas path is not smooth, resulting in high throwing material; In serious cases, the oil accumulated in the gas path will corrode the solenoid valve, vacuum generating device, cylinder and other internal seals and components, resulting in damage to the components, seriously affecting the normal use of the machine;

    3. Clean and lubricate the moving part of the SMT equipment. The operation of the machine for a long time, if the environment is not properly controlled, the moving part will be stuck with a lot of dust (such as screw, slider, transmission belt, guide rail, motor coupling, etc.) If it is not timely and professional to maintain and clean the moving part of the machine, the machine will run under overload for a long time, which will affect the service life of the machine;

    4, SMT SMT equipment has passed the warranty period, long-term operation, can not carry out a comprehensive professional maintenance of the machine, some parts of the machine have hidden dangers (such as machine line, cable rack wear, motor, screw loosening, etc., some mechanical parts of the action is not good, parameter setting wrong, etc.), hidden dangers can not be solved in time, It is bound to pose a threat to the normal production of the machine in the future, so it is necessary to carry out large-scale maintenance of the machine, timely inspection and discovery of hidden dangers in the machine and solve them, thereby reducing the frequency of failure of the machine and improving production efficiency;

    5, SMT SMT machine running for a long time, the parts have wear, deformation, aging, small deviation between the running-in of the parts and other phenomena, the most original parameters have been unable to adapt to the current situation of the machine, the installation accuracy of the equipment has been affected, so that the equipment must be calibrated regularly, replace the worn parts, so that the equipment in the highest precision production. Improve the quality of products.

    6, SMT equipment for large maintenance, can effectively reduce the throwing rate, reduce the number of alarms, improve machine production efficiency, improve production quality, extend the service life of the machine.

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