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    SMT models and SMT environment requirements


    Surface mounting process:

    Includes five points: 1> Component installation type; 2> Process flow; 3> Welding process; 4>CB production process; 5> Cleaning process of the mounting plate.

    Surface mount type:

    1> Surface mounted components only;

    2> Surface mounted components and traditional plug-in components mixed board (3 kinds);

    (1) A side insertion and surface installation mix; B surface mounting.

    ② A side only insert components; B side insertion and surface mounting.

    ③ Both sides of A and B are mixed with insert and surface mounting.

    3> A side only insert, B side insert and surface mounting

    Note: Generally, there are the first and third kinds

    Surface mounting equipment (mounter) :

    Speed mode to center mode

    1> Low speed (slow) more than 1 second/point 1> mechanical alignment chip±0.1mm

    2> middle speed 0.2-1 seconds/point 2> Laser alignment chip±0.1mm

    3> High-speed (fast) less than 0.2 seconds/point 3> Visual alignment chip±0.1mm

    Mechanical alignment is contact alignment, visual alignment is non-contact alignment function: two:

    1> Single function (high-speed machine); Only the patch components between (0402-1206) can be mounted.

    2> One more function (medium speed machine); Common models are (CP33C) any kind of patch can be affixed.

    SMT environment requirements:

    ① Temperature: 25±3℃; The room temperature is in the range of 10℃ ~ 30℃;

    ② Humidity: 65±10%; Places with non-condensing humidity in the range of 20% to 90%;

    3 Dust-free and smoke-free places; No severe vibration site;

    ④ Good grounding; No flammable and corrosive gases around; Power supply voltage fluctuation must be within ±5%;

    ⑤ have a place strong enough to support the mass of the machine;